Well, here goes nothing, and you ain’t seen nothing yet.

That’s what I get for watching “The Jolson Story” while writing this.

Here I sit, 39 years old and considering a return to college. At least when I can do so and if I can afford to do so. Many years ago, I neglected to finish school, and I am paying for it today. I have been working “freelance” (read: unemployed) for just over two years now. I have bills to pay, a family whom I love dearly to take care of, and yet too many people put more stock in a piece of paper than in 15 years of job experience. So, I guess I have to get the piece of paper.

It won’t be easy, as I will be starting from scratch. A freshman. A 39-year-old freshman. Most of what I take will have to be from home – the kids come first. But as one of my eight-year-old’s books told me this morning, it is never too late to start.

I figure that, with some luck, I have 40 years to achieve what I want – paying off my debts (that’ll be the first 39 years), making sure my kids have what they need to succeed, and repaying my long suffering wife and my parents. Especially Mom and Dad, off whom I have gravy-trained long enough.

That and win a Nobel prize in economics or something.

As of now, the school of choice is a local one, Armstrong Atlantic State University in Savannah, Georgia. The time to begin is this Summer…that is if I can get in and get the Pell Grant money for which I have qualified. I will do my best to pay my own way through school if I can get work. Right now, that’s a humongous if. Lord Humongous, if he’s still alive.

So, off to application land. We’ll see what we can scrape together, and away we go.